Meet the Team

We are an experienced and growing team of doulas, trauma therapists, antenatal teachers, human rights specialists and infant feeding supporters. Together, we are dedicated to serving women/pregnant and birthing people and their babies during times of financial hardship and disadvantage.


Kate Woods
Arleen Cameron
Alison OGIER
Mary McCarthy
mary mccarthy
B.J. Woodstein
Tracy Ripley
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tracy ripley
Amina Hatia
Julie Scrancher
Hazel Williams
amina hatia
julie scrancher
hazel williams
Consultant Elder Supporting Pregnant Teens and Migrant and
Asylum-seeking People 
Safeguarding Lead and Training Facilitator

Mary is a midwife in the NHS holding a caseload of women experiencing vulnerable times and young parents, and facilitates safeguarding supervision to midwives. Prior to training as a midwife, Mary worked with women experiencing homelessness in London and then went on to train as a doula.


Mary has volunteered in the refugee camps in northern France and supported refugee families within the UK which has included supporting women in pregnancy, labour and the postpartum time as a layperson/doula.


Mary has two children and is passionate about being with women during challenging times and supporting others who are undertaking this work. 

Consultant Elder for Diversity and Inclusivity

B.J. is a doula in Norwich, where she lives with her wife and their two children. She is also a senior lecturer in literature and translation, a writer, a translator from Swedish, and a breastfeeding counsellor on the National Breastfeeding Helpline. She has published many articles and books, including about LGBTQ+ topics, and she has given dozens of lectures and workshops, including on supporting LGBTQ+ families during pregnancy and birth and with infant feeding. She is passionate about helping people reach their goals, and she believes strongly in the power of language.

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Consultant Elder Offering Doulas Debriefing and Signposting Support

Tracy has worked in holistic therapies, focusing on women and their well-being for 27 years before moving into Midwifery and working as a Registered Midwife within a community setting. Tracy worked with women and families who lived in both affluent and deprived areas within the locality, as well as in antenatal clinics, intrapartum and postnatal wards. 

In 2014/5 Tracy trained as a Health Visitor and assessed the health needs of women in vulnerability, including refugees, asylum seekers and sex workers, as well as working in safeguarding and facilitating community clinics until 2017.


At this point Tracy participated in Doula training with Paramana Doula, which gave her inspiration to research, write and present on the protection and respect for physiology in birth, raising awareness of Oxytocin to parents, therapists and birth workers. 

Consultant Elder for Baby Loss and Community Elder

Amina is a midwife working currently in both the NHS and charity sector, having been involved in midwifery care since 2005. 


She has been working since 2016 for Tommy's as midwife one of a team of midwives who provide advice and support via the Pregnancy Information service from advice on early pregnancy support, lifestyle issues, to complex health issues and baby loss.

Amina is a passionate advocate for women and families achieving the best birth experience for them, using knowledge and empowerment gained from women centred education, support and care, believing that the core of midwifery is embedded in kindness and support. 

Consultant Elder, Infant Feeding Specialist

Julie Scrancher is a Nurse/Midwife, currently working as a part-time Tongue Tie Practitioner for the NHS.

Julie has worked in many areas of the UK both in hospitals and the community since the late 1970's. More recently, her work has been confined to Infant Feeding both by instructing Midwives and Health Visitors how feeding works and they can help parents. Alongside this, she trains mothers to help other mothers as Peer Supporters.


Julie has also run Lactation clinics, as well as starting up and supporting Breastfeeding Support Groups. Julie is a qualified Lactation consultant and wishes to continue to help Mothers on their feeding journey.

Co-director and Consultant Elder Offering Specialist Support in the Rights for People Seeking Asylum and Migrants 

Hazel has been working and volunteering with refugees and people seeking asylum for the past 20 years in various charities in the UK, Europe and Africa, to ensure their rights and dignity are protected.


She is currently the Director of a national network of organisations seeking to end destitution amongst migrants, and prior to this was the Director of a national legal charity protecting the legal rights to food and shelter for people seeking asylum. 


After the birth of her two children she was naturally drawn to train as a doula, in the hope of supporting women to birth with confidence. Hazel is a firm believer in the power of human kind and the importance of standing alongside people to support them to uphold their human rights. She is excited to be part of Doulas without Borders.

Founder, CEO

Kate has been working with women, families and healthcare professionals for over 25 years as a Doula, mentor, birth debriefer and Doula educator.


During this time, Kate has been actively supporting human/women's rights within the childbearing year and has a deep understanding of how continuous support, informed decision making and education are pivotal in improving birth. 

Kate is also the founder of Conscious Birthing Doulas and TIDE (Trauma-Informed Doula Education).

Co-Director, Referrals 

Arleen’s journey towards supporting and empowering pregnant women and birthing people started when she had her first baby in 2018.

Arleen trained as a Conscious Birthing Doula in early 2019 and was immediately drawn to the ethos of Doulas Without Borders. Her background in social care administration led her to take on the role of Lead Administrator and Volunteer Applications Coordinator, later being appointed a Co-Director and Referrals Coordinator.

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Head of Community Eldership

Alison is an experienced Doula and mentor who is passionate about all things birth and empowering women - whatever their circumstance. Alison has worked in this field in the Channel Islands and the UK. She moved from Guernsey to the UK in 1998, and has 6 children ranging from 13-23 years old.

Alison has served on the Leadership Team of Doula UK since 2012 and is currently a Director as well as Head of Mentoring and Secretariat. She also sits on the Maternity and Midwifery Forum Advisory Panel.